Garage Location


We offer complimentary parking for up to two cars during your stay at The Malt House.

The remote control fobs for the electric garage doors are on the keyring in the downstairs bedroom door and the upstairs entrance door.  The fobs operate adjacent garage doors.

Two minutes by car, 6 minutes by foot.

-From The Malt House, drive up New Street to the Give Way junction.
-Turn Left and IMMEDIATELY turn right into Dennis Road. 
-After approximately 100m turn right into Glynn Road. 
-After 50m turn left into Netherton Road. 
-After 50m turn left into track (watch out for the large white stone on the left of the entrance). Follow the track around to the right.  The garages are on the right, just before the track narrows.

Press any button on the remote control and the door will open.  Press again to close or stop the door at any point.

If your car is very long, you may have to leave the garage doors open.  You may also leave bicycles, paddleboards etc in the garage during your stay