Life In Padstow

what's it like in Padstow?

For those of you thinking of travelling to Padstow, perhaps we can give you a flavour of why we love it so....

Located on the western side of the Camel Estuary, the town is somewhat protected from the fierce prevailing winds and has its own microclimate.  As you approach from inland, the clouds part and Padstow is bathed in sunshine...perhaps a little wishful thinking, but so often true!

What is delightful about being in the town is that everything you need is within walking is the perfect holiday village.



The harbour is the heart of the town; not only the picturesque inner harbour with the old buildings nestled around the quays on three sides, but also the commercial harbour where the local fisherman still land their catch.  Early in the morning you can sit on the quayside quite undisturbed, enjoying a freshly brewed coffee and a pastry.  As the town wakes up, visitors fill the numerous cafes and the shops open, selling all manner of produce, from wetsuits to fine art.


Padstow is, of course, well known for its myriad of restaurants and its association with Rick Stein.  It's not known as Padstein for nothing!  His reputation is well founded, but don't ignore the gastronomic ecosystem throughout the town.  Everyone has raised their culinary game, so it is difficult to eat badly.  We have our favourites, and we are happy to make recommendations to fit your taste & budget.

Gin, Wine & Beer

Despite its small size, Padstow has two gin makers, a brewery, an award winning wine merchant, as well as half a dozen pubs.  Take a stroll around the town, and you'll come across all of them within a few minutes.


There is fierce competition amongst the bakers to produce an award winning pasty.  Each has their own speciality, so you can find Pasties inspired by world cuisines all around the town.  It is Padstow's ultimate fast food.  You won't find an american fast food outlet here.